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Will PCV or LGV Training Costs be Affected by Reversing Exercise Changes?

PCV Training affected by new bay parking

LGV, Trailer & PCV Training Costs Affected


From March 2012 your PCV training or LGV training costs maybe affected by the changes to the DSA reversing exercise, when taking the PCV, LGV or trailer test at either your local DSA test centre or an approved testing station. When deciding where to take your LGV, trailer or PCV training you need to assess your costs and one of the things you need to factor in, is the test costs. From March 2012 the reversing manoeuvring area will reduce from 92 x 18 metres to 66 x 11 metres and this may have a significant impact on driver training companies. At present we use Yeading and Leighton Buzzard as our preferred choices and will need to consider how any closure of these sites will affect our own LGV training costs and how we deliver trailer or PCV training.

Getting LGV or PCV Training Costs at the Right Price or Place

By making the bay smaller it is envisaged that training companies may be able to become approved testing stations and training areas, which means they could factor in tests to their Trailer, LGV or PCV training costs. Using the old sizes it is unlikely that most companies would find it easy to buy or lease a piece of land big enough to make it commercially worthwhile and as such the training costs for PCV, LGV and trailer would have to be higher. At present the reversing area at the DSA testing stations is leased from VOSA, but under their restructering they plan to close down these facilities and this will leave companies free to open their own centres and charges whatever price they like. Given this at Sirens Driving Academy it is something we need to consider, as like all companies we need to factor in travel to and from test centres to our LGV,  trailer and PCV training costs. It is also something as a company we are considering offering ourselves, as we have use of land and could actually charge others to hire

PCV Training & LGV Training Costs May Soar

By using their own land companies may increase their LGV training costs and for trailer or PCV training, but it will be interesting to see if the DSA increase their prices or in fact they lower them based on the fact their overheads will be going down as they will have no rent charges. At Sirens Driving Academy we cannot see much changing at the DSA and tests will continue as normal at the designated testing stations, but companies or individuals may start seeing private companies offering tests at their bases and this is where clients will need to watch for higher prices for their LGV training or trailer and PCV training. We recommend that clients do their homework and compare prices for similar size companies and ensure they are getting value for money for their LGV, trailer and PCV training and costs don’t get out of control . We offer no obligation free advice and will advise clients of the best course of action to take.

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