B+E Trailer Training

New drivers will find at Sirens Driving Academy our towing lessons costs are very reasonable and that our trainers are first class, which will ensure you are fully prepared to pass your trailer test first time whether that’s in London, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex or Berkshire.




 Trailer Training in London with Knowledgeable Instructors


Like any good company it is important that your training costs include knowledgeable, experienced trainers who understand that your investment should return an end result. For us, that is the learner passing their trailer test first time.

With our towing lessons starting from as little as £47ph* for non corporate clients, you will find at Sirens Driving Academy that our trainers are not there to rip you off, but ensure you leave happy with a pass certificate in your hand so you can start your new career.

Our driving training courses (LGV/HGV & PCV Driver Training courses/PSV lorry driver training lessons) are based in UK. Our location makes our training lessons and courses easily accessible to people, and we provide driving training in many areas such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Essex and many other areas of London.


Are There Any Hidden Trailer Training Costs?


We know at Sirens Driving Academy that you want to know what all the trailer training costs are, so we will not hide anything from you.

We will provide you or your company with a breakdown of the training costs and provide you with a detailed invoice or receipt, so you can make any claims to get money back from your company, tax or any training provider.

We will recommend how much training you need and will not insist you take a specific amount of training, which is not necessary. All of our courses are bespoke to you and you can rest assure that we can provide theory and hazard perception software within any training or LGV? PCV,  which we quote to you. 


Trailer Training Costs Broken Down


We have charges starting from £47ph. All of our trailer training costs include full public liability insurance, fuel and one of the best instructors money can buy.

An example of one of our bespoke courses are as follows;

Intermediate trailer course, including test day = £384

DSA Test Fee = £115 weekdays & £141 weekends

Total for 8 hours of training and weekday test is £499

If a training provider cannot tell you what the training costs are, then you need to wander if they know who the instructors are or if they are using a company from a directory.


Training Course Details


 Our courses usually fall into the below categories, which can be decided after assessment by us if necessary;

Beginner is a 12 hour course. This can be spread over 3 days of less where necessary.

Intermediate is an 8 hour course. This can be completed in one day if necessary.

Advanced/ Test ready is a 5 hour course. This is usually a one day course, with 3 hours training and then straight to test.


Our driving courses offer value for money. We never compromise on the quality of our teaching.

As you can see this course gives a breakdown of our trailer towing training and trailer towing lessons costs involved in obtaining your B+E trailer licence and you will access to instructors who care about you passing first time.

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