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Tow a trailer to help out on the farm

One of the new trailer test passes is Laura, who can now tow a trailer, after passing on Tuesday 18th March 2014 at Enfield after completing the intermediate course over two days. Laura was lucky to have access to lots of land and can now help out on the family farm.

How to Tow a Trailer on the Farm?

Laura passed her trailer test, so can now tow a trailer after our training course

Laura passed her trailer test first time today 18th March 2014 after an intermediate trailer training course

Having taken a driving test prior to 1st January 1997 Laura found herself with a problem, because she wanted to be able tow a trailer to help out on the family farm, but also wanted to be able to take her horse out herself using her new horsebox.

Laura booked up nice and early and started her course, not being totally confident with her reversing, but soon got use to the reference points we use on our trailer training and helps to tow a trailer.

Tow a Trailer Confidently

On the road Laura was confident and anticipated what other road users might do, which would cause her to brake or change direction. When you tow a trailer, especially when they have a horse on board, it is important to not upset the animal, as this could upset the load.

Passing your trailer test with us is easy, as we give you all the tools you need to pass. We can provide PDF documents to pre-read prior to attending out towing course and this all helps to pass the trailer test.

We have qualified instructors. They are experienced in providing:


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If you want to know more about a trailer training courses, trailer towing lessons, PCV training, LGV training, driving lesson in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire or want a licence to tow a trailer or want any help /advice we are here to help. All of our driving lessons are based in London and local surrounding regions.

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