June 9, 2013 sirens

Stopped by VOSA, but had Trailer training & passed my Test

hi my name is Nick Mansi and I recently passed my trailer test with Sirens Driving Academy, after completing two days of trailer training with Stephen Bell in and around Watford, Hemel Hempstead and London. I took my test at Yeading trailer test centre and passed after initially failing on the very last roundabout coming into the test centre.

Nick Mansi passed his trailer test with 3 minors 18th May 2013 at Yeading. Our youngest driver to learn to tow a trailer, did his trailer training in Watford & London

Nick Mansi passed his trailer test with 3 minors 18th May 2013 at Yeading. Our youngest driver to learn to tow a trailer in Watford & London

What Did I learn on my Two Day Trailer Training Course?


After an initial assessment Stephen told me that as I had some experience with trailers, that I would only need a 2 day course to be able to reach a level of being able to pass the trailer test. During my 2 days we covered the safety questions, known as “Show me, tell me”, how to reverse a trailer into a bay, using good control, effective observations and accuracy. A lot of the course was spent improving my driving ability, as I only passed my initial driving test just over a year ago. When towing a trailer you need to look much further ahead, bearing in mind the length and weight of the car and trailer. Stephen tried to make me anticipate other road users and use the momentum of the vehicle to limit the amount of braking, accelerating and fuel I use. The last part of the course was deigned to uncouple and re-connect the trailer in a safe, methodical way.

The Trailer Training made me legal

Improving my driving ability and being able to drive different vehicles is very important to my company and getting the right trailer training was important, as we have a range of heavy and long trailers. Once i passed the trailer test with Stephen Bell, it gave me the ability to be able to help my company out driving trailers all over the country. Last week I was driving through London and was stopped by the Police and VOSA and apparently they were having a bet on me not having the right licence entitlements, as I looked so young. As I did have the right trailer licence entitlements, although the weights were well within my limits, there was no points and fine for me. Being legal is very important to me and my company and I am glad I passed my trailer test and can drive without worrying. I recommend contacting Sirens Driving Academy and speaking to Stephen Bell about trailer training with him.

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