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Making LGV Training Costs Affordable

LGV Training Costs

LGV Training Costs

At Sirens Driving Academy we ensure we use the best trainers available to us, so your LGV training costs provide you with knowledge and skill to pass your test for either a LGV, PCV, mini-bus or trailer first time. Gary and the team have the experience to understand your needs and they look to keep your LGV training costs, PCV training, trailer training and CPC training within an affordable budget.

Starting your PCV Training & LGV Training Costs

When you start your training, part of the HGV/ LGV training costs needs to be getting through your theory and hazard perception, which is also needed for your PCV training and goes towards your CPC training. At Sirens Driving Academy we can advise you regarding your medical, obtaining your provsional entitlement and then you will be ready to study for your theory and hazard perception using our software. Part of our package includes the case studies needed as part of your CPC training, as it is important your LGV training costs and PCV training do not spiral out of control.

LGV Training Costs – What age can my LGV or PCV Training start and what are the Costs?

The age limit for HGV/ LGV used to be 21 years old, but now if taking a training package involving CPC training it is 18 years old. For either PCV or LGV training your costs will depend on the amount of training you require. The LGV test is quite specific and we specialise in preparing you 100% for the test, so LGV training costs will depend on the length of the training. We have found students taking our LGV or PCV training have costs of £915-£1,115.00, depending on how many hours they take. Learning how to drive a split gearbox is by no means easy and it is important you prepare yourself fully for the demanding 1 ½ hour test.

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How do I know I am getting the best instruction in my LGV training costs?

As soon as you speak to the team, you will feel that we are looking to ensure your HGV/ LGV training costs and PCV or CPC training is great value for money. We are not a broker and use a specialist team led by Gary and Phil, but after speaking to Stephen you will know he is looking after your wallet in relation to all of your LGV training costs and he will not sell you an hour more than is necessary to be a safe and competent driver. Some companies will meet your HGV/ LGV training costs and help you pay for PCV or CPC training as well, but if you are paying yourself, then look no further than Sirens Driving Academy as they are here to help.

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Get in Touch to work out Your LGV Training Costs

If you are looking for PCV training or CPC training then at Sirens Driving Academy we can help you decide how to go about it, only then can you decide if the LGV training costs are value for money.


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