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Do I need towing lessons in London? What Happens If I get Caught towing a trailer illegally?

For many years I have wondered if I needed towing lessons in London, as I have always been led to believe I could tow for my job without a trailer licence. Once I looked into it more and spoke with Stephen Bell at Sirens Driving Academy, he soon put me right.

Should I take Towing Lessons in London?


Ian Passed 1st time with 5 minors at Enfield 27th June 2013 after 2 days of towing lessons in London & Watford

Ian Passed 1st time at Enfield 27th June 2013 after 2 day trailer training course in Watford

My name is Ian and I got my trailer licence at the first attempt on 27th June 2013, after taking towing lessons in London from Stephen Bell. As I wasn’t sure if I needed to get my trailer licence, it was important to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about. It soon become apparent that I definitely needed to take the trailer test and booked up some trailer training with Stephen, that took us to London, Yeading, Watford, Enfield and plenty of other areas.


Towing Lessons in London That Make a Difference

As getting the trailer licence is not cheap, as the trailer test alone is £115, you need to make sure that the trailer training you do take is adequate to get you through the test first time. Stephen Bell provides you with everything you need to know before you attend his towing course and just continues to improve your standard of driving. At the end of the training my driving and observations had improved dramatically from the assessment drive I did the first morning.

Towing Lessons in London Where Passing First time is the most Important Result

Looking at the amount of trailer training passes Stephen Bell has, gives you confidence that the towing training in London he is providing is not about just taking your money. From the initial contact to getting you to trailer test standard you can see Stephen wants you to pass first time. I cannot recommend Stephen Bell and his team enough and would suggest you call him on 07984 493798 and book your towing lessons in London.

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