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Applying for my LGV, PCV or Mini-Bus licence & what are the LGV Training Costs

Knowing Your LGV Training Costs or Mini-Bus or PCV


Recently I decided to go for my LGV licence, so had to add the entitlements for PCV & LGV to my my licence and I am going to share my LGV training costs so far with you, including the LGV medical, photographs, Post Office checking service and assessment drive. I have run Sirens Driving Academy for nearly 7 years now and as a child I wanted to be a lorry driver, so I thought it was about time I got the entitlements on my licence. Getting LGV, PCV or as its known C or D category added to my licence is not too difficult and is the same for mini-bus(D1) and 7.5 tonnes(C1) and the LGV training costs would be relatively the same for all at this stage.

My LGV Training Costs for my licence, will be similar to PCV, 7.5 tonnes and Mini-bus

Our LGV training costs in Hertfordshire are affordableI had the old style paper pink licence with no photograph and recently changed homes, so what better time to sort out my licence than now, keeping my LGV training costs down at the start. As it was going to be a new photgraph licence, part of the LGV training costs was going to be getting the passport size photographs done, which is usually around £5.00, however I was lucky as I had two left from months ago. As you can see I am looking at ways o keeping my LGV training costs down and I recommend to people all the time ways of keeping their PCV, mini-bus or 7.5 tonnes(C1) training costs down too. Once I filled out the DVLA D2 form I had to have a medical as part of my LGV training costs, which is the same for all of the categories of PCV (D), 7.5tonnes(c1) and mini-bus(D1). If you were going to go to your own doctor this could become expensive and add to the LGV training costs and for PCV and mini-bus, because they have a set rate, but at Sirens Driving Academy we have a lists of doctors who will complete the LGV, PCV medical for around £50, which is what I paid. Once you find the doctor and have the LGV medical, they will complete the LGV medical D4 form, which needs to be sent with the D2 form to DVLA to have the entitlements added to your licence. It is important to ask for all the categories you want to add to your licence at this stage to avoid having to do all this again, should you decide later in life to do some PCV training or LGV training or vice versa. Once all the forms were complete part of my LGV training costs was the checking service at the local Post Office, which was £4.00 and they ensure all of the forms are completed correctly before they are sent off to avoid any delay in getting your licence back.

The LGV Training Costs so far

Now I am waiting for my licence to come back and the next LGV training costs will be for some software or books to study for my LGV theory test. So far I have only spent £59.oo, but you will need to take an LGV theory or PCVand mini-bus theory test, before you can take your LGV practical driving test. It is important to get the right package and as a company we have an excellent LGV theory software package and we will look at this next time, when we are working out my LGV training Costs.

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